Monday, December 27, 2010

International Christmas Swap

 Christmas has come and I finally got to open my International Swap gift from MiniMumm:

Such wonderful little treasures!

She even included some little gifts for my two boys:

So very thoughtful.  Thank you MiniMumm from my boys and me!
Thanks Caterina for organizing such a fun swap!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...

To all our miniature Friends,
Merry Christmas!

 With Warmest Wishes, 
Heather, Emerson and her Saint Lucia Day Friends!*

*Saint Lucia Day Friends made from a kit I bought a few years ago from Alicia Paulson at "Posie Gets Cozy".

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The New Upstairs Downstairs...

I'm sure I'm not the only one very excited about the return of Upstairs/Downstairs. You lucky British get to see it  starting on Boxing Day! In the US, we have to wait until April.

 I loved this series when I discovered it about 10 years ago.  I've watched it several times since. I particularly liked watching the sets and costumes change over the passing years to reflect the times.  I thought of reviewing the last episodes when I started working on the 1930s Townhouse, but realized that the shows timeline ended in about 1930.

But it looks as though I've got my wish.  The new series starts off in 1936! Just where I'm setting the townhouse!  Can't wait!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Miniatures?

Having twin boys born on Christmas makes for a very busy December. 

Since I don't have any current minis to show, I thought I'd show you some Christmas decorations that are sort of mini!

A couple of years ago, my son was obsessed with Nativity Scenes.  I didn't want to splurge on something that would probably get some wear and tear so I created my own from half a Michael's birdhouse various wood pieces, a little paint, felt and glitter...

(oops didn't notice that the star had fallen over)

The three wise men

Some angels and livestock
I have been making some minis but most of my time has been spent planning a Harry Potter birthday party for one of my boys (they've decided this is the year to have separate parties.)  I must say that I've been having a lot of fun researching for the party and making wands and robes.  This may inspire some future Harry Potter minis!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I can't seem to stop buying gifts for myself!  I was feeling a sorry for Emerson and the Daydream Cottage.  I had left it not quite finished and it was looking a little bare.  I've been working on some decor for the cottage but also buying some lovely things from some very talented people.

From Katie's Clay Cottage some signs and a birdhouse.  I thought the Follow your Dreams sign was just perfect for the Daydream Cottage...

 From Looking Glass Miniatures Egg soaps in a jar (these eggs are unbelievably tiny!)...

From Carolyn's Little Kitchen delicate china plates and a fun sign...

And just so the 1930's townhouse won't feel left out, some radios from Twelth Dimension Miniatures...

I've just finished my swap items for Cockerina's International Swap (nothing like waiting until the last moment).  December should be a crazy month not only because of Christmas but my boys were born on Christmas and they've decided they want two different parties!  I promise to still make time for miniatures!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini Miss Bindergarten

One of the real life things that is keeping me busy is organizing an Author/Illustrator Visit for my sons' school.  The very talented Ashley Wolff will be visiting next week.  She is the author of the popular "Miss Bindergarten" series.  While searching for some images to use I came across this miniature created by Lesley Shepard based on an illustration in the Miss Bindergarten book.  I love it and thought it would be appropriate to post here...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This and that...

Slow progress is being made on the 1930's Townhouse. I've been gathering materials and you know how it goes, "Can't start the ceiling until the lighting is figured out, can't start the floors until the lights and ceilings are done, etc, etc...  But, I think I'm ready to push the first domino.

Kitchen Basics...

Starting the exterior bricks and stucco...

Took a break to make another student for my son's school...

Oops, she's being attacked by a giant furry beast...
 I hope to get really moving on the townhouse now.  I also have two Christmas projects that I need to get going on but of course, I won't be able to show you the progress on those until after Christmas!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another First - International Holiday Swap!

Another first for me.  A Holiday Swap organized by the wonderful Cockerina!  I will be receiving from Nina at Minnimumm.  I was very lucky to be her 100 follower back in July.  So I already know what wonderful things she can produce!  I'm will be sending to Maria Narbon who has been making incredible dolls for many years.  (Maria, send your address to me at

We are to provide:
  A Christmas Mini, a toy mini and choice of something for fall/Halloween! 

I must say, I'm a little nervous about what I may produce.  But I must remember that this is supposed to be fun and not stress about it too much.

We've been instructed to wait until Christmas morning to open the parcels!  It will just like being a kid all over again.

Thanks Cockerina for organizing!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My first Miniature Show

Yesterday, I attended my first miniature show as an adult.  It was the Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures in San Jose, CA.  I'm sure it was nothing like, Chicago, Paris or any of the big shows but it was fun and completely overwhelming.

I was amazed at the beauty and delicacy of furniture there. I was particularly impressed with Peter Tucker's Roomboxes.  He was one of the few vendors that had art deco and more modern pieces. 

Since I was overwhelmed, I only bought a few little things and some fabric for the 1930's townhouse:

And some odds and ends that I'll probably pass on to the kids...

 I will keep Peter Tuckers work in mind.  Maybe commission a brilliant art deco piece!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Real life hasn't seemed to get in the way of shopping!  I visited Superbuzzy which is a great Japenese fabric and craft site.  I picked up some great mini print fabrics....

And while I was there, I checked out Re-Ment which I'd been hearing so much about.  I picked one from three series (It's a surprise with which items you receive!) I was pleased as punch with everything I got.  The scale might be a bit big, but I don't care, I love them.

From the Re-Ment Fairytale tableware collection...

 From the Re-Ment Kawaii Kitchen collection...

 From the Re-Ment Storage Beauty collection...
I need to be careful, these things could be addicting!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Real life keeps getting in the way of miniature life.  (That darn real life!)  It seems, I've started lots of things but haven't finished anything.

First let's start with the 1930's glamor townhouse.  The other day, I pulled out some scrap wood and my husband's rarely used power tools and created a wood version of the attic rooms for the town house.

There will be a skylight  in the roof.  My thoughts are that the starlet's personal assistant/housekeeper will live up here.  She will have an artistic side so it may have the look of an artist's garret.  A little shabby and outdated compared with the rest of the house.

My measuring technique is more of an eyeball thing.  So the angles are a bit off and there are a few gaps but nothing a little wood fill, sandpaper and wallpaper can't cover.

I also started testing a shingle look for the exterior of the house.  I wanted it to have a Georgian Brick exterior.  This is sandpaper cut and glued to paper.  I not happy with it yet.  I'm going to try and paint it but if that doesn't work, the exterior will be stucco...
I've tried my hand at felting.  My first attempt is an (eyeless cat).  It's fun to do but I don't know if I have the patience to perfect my technique...

And lastly I'll show you a school room my son created in an old toddler dollhouse.

I particularly like the little cupcakes he made for the students snacks...
They are little wood plugs that he painted frosting on top.

Elswhere in blogland there are some great giveaways...

From: Lisette's Miniaturen

Speaking of giveaways. I'm coming close to my selfimposed deadline of 100 followers giveaway.  Thanks to all that follow and comment!  I guess I'll have to start finishing something to giveaway!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taliesin West - Frank Lloyd Wright's Winter Home

When I was in Phoenix last week, I was fortunate to have a free day.  I'd hoped to go to the Thorne Rooms which are located at the Phoenix Art Museum.  But alas, the wing in the museum that houses the rooms was under construction so instead I went to Taliesin West and I'm so glad I did.

I was inspired by the serenity and the history of the site.  Though built in the 1930's,Wright's private residence has been restored to how it would have looked in the 1950's.  It was surreal to sit in chairs that he designed, positioned as he would have positioned them.  There is still architecture school here that spends the summer term at Taliesin East in Wisconsin and fall/spring at this location.

I did pick up a few things in the gift shop that I thought might work in my 1930's townhouse.  Some art deco wrapping paper designed by Wright in the late 1927 that I may use somewhere for wallpaper...

 And a ornament that may be used as a sculpture...

My very gracious thanks to all the well wishers out there.  I'm lucky to have found the miniature blog world!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My first Dollhouse

I haven't had much time of late for minis, my blog, other blogs.  My father passed away on Friday, so I've been dealing with the before, during and after of what that entails.  

I thought it would be appropriate to post some pictures of my first dollhouse that my father and mother gave me in the late 70's.  I believe I was in 5th or 6th grade and had been begging for one for years. It was electrified and at the time our local toy store had a lot of miniatures that I filled it with.  I also remember making a trip to a miniature show in San Francisco and buying some small accessories. I loved it!

When I was in high school the dollhouse was just brought out at Christmastime to be place under the tree complete with snow and a small pond.  Then it went into my Dad's attic until about 5 years ago.  My dad was cleaning out his storage and at the time I had one year old twins and was planning a long distance move so I sold it.  Of course, now I regret it. I wish I'd taken pictures of the inside (and better pictures of the outside!)

I'm off to Phoenix, Arizona for my Father's burial.  I'll have a little free time so I'm hoping to visit the Thorne Rooms that are at the Phoenix Art Museum.   I'll be back next week ready to get back to miniatures.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giveaway, giveaway and more giveways...

The miniature world of blogs is ripe these days with lovelies and giveaway goodies galore. 

Drawing 9/7, Miniature Dreams was one of the first miniature blogs I stumbled upon.  Susanne's style and taste is right up my miniature alley.  She is celebrating 300+ followers.

Drawing 9/14, Miniatyrmama  is a blog that I stumbled on early and then lost track of it.  I'm so happy I found it again. Lena is celebrating 400+ followers!

Drawing 9/19,  Le Coffre D'Emilie is a new to me blog but I'm so happy to have come across it.  Emilie is celebrating one year anniversary of blogging.  Her creations are whimsical and lovely.

And a special thanks to all my followers!   I promise to have a new post soon.  I've been doing lots of research on the 1930's including watching a lot of old movies. This one I've seen a few times but it never gets old...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wonderful giveaway...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The next project...

The kids are back to school in a week so I'll finally get more time for mini making.  The Daydream cottage still needs some details worked on but I'm itching to get started on another project.

I've decided my next project will be the Strawberry Patch since it is essentially already built.  The strawberry patch has a small attic which is great for storage but not livable.  I've decided to do a little kit bashing and replace the roof with a mansard roof with a removable front.   

Here it is mocked up in cardboard...

Originally, I was thinking of making it a kind of timeless glamorous townhouse but I recently rewatched the movie, Easy Virtue, set in 1929 and I was intrigued with the American character, Larita. 

So for now, the townhouse will be set in London in the 1930's with a glamorous Jean Harlow type actress residing.

The research should be fun!  Any suggestions for research sources or appropriate mini sources would be much appreciated!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lovely Hat!

I haven't had much time for mini making at the summer wraps up but I seem to find time to shop!  Yesterday in the mail, I received this exquisite Edwardian Hat from Kat the Hat Lady.  I'll have to come up with an Edwardian scene to place it in. I'm in love with it and so is Emerson...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Craiglist Kits

I bought these two kits on Craiglist.  They are S/W crafts Victorian Stucco Cottage and Lakeside Manor.  Does anyone have any information on these kits? I'm having a hard time find information on the world-wide web. I believe the company went out of business in the 80's.  They should be fun to work with!