Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Real life keeps getting in the way of miniature life.  (That darn real life!)  It seems, I've started lots of things but haven't finished anything.

First let's start with the 1930's glamor townhouse.  The other day, I pulled out some scrap wood and my husband's rarely used power tools and created a wood version of the attic rooms for the town house.

There will be a skylight  in the roof.  My thoughts are that the starlet's personal assistant/housekeeper will live up here.  She will have an artistic side so it may have the look of an artist's garret.  A little shabby and outdated compared with the rest of the house.

My measuring technique is more of an eyeball thing.  So the angles are a bit off and there are a few gaps but nothing a little wood fill, sandpaper and wallpaper can't cover.

I also started testing a shingle look for the exterior of the house.  I wanted it to have a Georgian Brick exterior.  This is sandpaper cut and glued to paper.  I not happy with it yet.  I'm going to try and paint it but if that doesn't work, the exterior will be stucco...
I've tried my hand at felting.  My first attempt is an (eyeless cat).  It's fun to do but I don't know if I have the patience to perfect my technique...

And lastly I'll show you a school room my son created in an old toddler dollhouse.

I particularly like the little cupcakes he made for the students snacks...
They are little wood plugs that he painted frosting on top.

Elswhere in blogland there are some great giveaways...

From: Lisette's Miniaturen

Speaking of giveaways. I'm coming close to my selfimposed deadline of 100 followers giveaway.  Thanks to all that follow and comment!  I guess I'll have to start finishing something to giveaway!


  1. Me encanta la idea de la clarabolla, quedara genial.
    Esas tejas se ven fantasticas.
    Es una casa preciosa y seguro que con tus nuevas ideas la dejaras maravillosa.
    El gatito es muy bonito.
    besitos ascension

  2. "but nothing a little wood fill, sandpaper and wallpaper can't cover" There speaks a woman after my own heart! It looks great and your felted cat is very cute. I would like to try that too... one day :~)

    Your son's cupcake is very effective!

  3. Hello Heather, thanks for being spent on my blog to leave your vote, I'm happy if you attend the upcoming international swap!
    I went to see the progress of your house 30 years ... I'm amazed by a lot of work done, it will certainly be a nice attic!
    poor cat with no eyes but you will find the patience and finish it, I suffer to see him so .. one-eyed man! ha ha!
    kisses and see you soon!

  4. I love your son's creativity! To spot the cupcake in a wood plug! Very well done! And his painting is excellent! I like that the classroom has a birdcage too! It contributes a serene and refined atmosphere in which to study!

  5. Your son did a great job! I love your thinking about the attic not matching the rest of the house. For bricks I use concrete that is premixed(it's in the paint section of the hardware store). I slap it on and then with an old exacto knife I put the lines in while it is still wet. Then I paint it. Well I'm sure you'll find a way to do it so it looks wonderful.
    I love your little cat. I was just looking up how felting is done last month. But I read all these comments about how easy it is to poke yourself in the fingers with that needle. So I thought I should stay away from that since I'm prone to disastrous, bloody accidents with sharp objects.
    Hugs your way!

  6. Heather- you have been busy! I love your little cat- I just use beads as eyes when I make mine- sew them right into the head and knot off on the bottom of the neck. He's really cute! I love your son's classroom and cupcake too- what a great miniaturist he is! I kind of like how your bricks look- maybe if you try to paint them mix some sand in your paint so you don't lose the texture? Have a lovely day!!

  7. :) :) Empiezo con sonrisas porque tus medidas a ojo no han salido bien. A veces los arquitectos tienen que acoplarse a las circunstancias. A lo mejor este error es el que le da encanto especial a esta casa. Me gusta mucho este ático. Seguiré viniendo a ver los adelantos.
    Besos Clara