Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Resident of the glam townhouse...

Introducing the resident of the 1930's glam townhouse...
Eveline Bay.

Eveline has come to check on the renovations to her new home "Lyons House" (she's always wanted a house that had a name!)  She is a young starlet of stage and screen.  Buying her first home after months of living in Hotels around the world. 

She will be joined by her housekeeper/personal assistant who is a widow with a young daughter (Strangely, the girl has a strong resemblance to young unmarried Eveline.)

Though the studio promotes Eveline as the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, she truly comes from a small farm town in the mid-west.  And as you may have guessed her real name is not Eveline Bay but Effie Murdock.

(Eveline is "Lily" from Gina Bellous made from a Stacy Hoffman mold.  Wigged and dressed by me.)

Monday, June 13, 2011


A week or so ago, I won a giveaway at Margot's La Belle Brigante.  It was to be a surprise gift.  The only clue was this photo:

I was intrigued and I knew it would be beautiful because everything she does is beautiful.

Today it arrived. I truly gasped when I opened the package...

Thank you so very much Margot!

I think I will have to plan a setting around the lovely gown.  I recently re watched Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.  Something along those lines would be fun!

In the meantime,  it will live in the 1930s glam townhouse.  The Starlet's next picture could be a period piece!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oops, I did it again...

I had no intention of buying any more large dollhouses.  I have a few large kits put away and after the townhouse, I was looking forward to working on smaller projects that I could finish more quickly.  But I still check out Craigslist now and again to see whats out there.  Last weekend I came across this: 

I intended to just look at it. It was a great price but HUGE.  And I almost passed on it.  But at the last minute, I decided to go for it.  (And I'm glad I did!)
The sellers found it in there garage in San Francisco when they moved into there house years ago.  I think it was built from plans and not a kit.  It is signed underneath the front stairs by Fred D. Davis 1979.  It is in pretty good condition except for a water stain on one side of the roof (and 30 years of dust.)

It came with a box of working windows (most still in there wrappers), doors, trim, shingles, wallpaper, door hardware and hinges.  A role of copper tape (It is partially taped and has a 30 year old adapter that probably needs to be replaced) and a couple of lights.

It is side opening on both sides and one side of the roof lifts up:

The attic:

 The right side:

 The left side with water stain:

The back:

It definitely looks like the Queen Anne Row Houses in San Francisco's Alamo square.  Or Painted Ladies on "Postcard Row" as they've become famously known.

Now will it be current San Francisco residence or back in to the turn of the last Century!  How fun to decide.

If anyone is familiar with these dollhouse plans or kit.  Let me know!