Monday, October 11, 2010

My first Miniature Show

Yesterday, I attended my first miniature show as an adult.  It was the Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures in San Jose, CA.  I'm sure it was nothing like, Chicago, Paris or any of the big shows but it was fun and completely overwhelming.

I was amazed at the beauty and delicacy of furniture there. I was particularly impressed with Peter Tucker's Roomboxes.  He was one of the few vendors that had art deco and more modern pieces. 

Since I was overwhelmed, I only bought a few little things and some fabric for the 1930's townhouse:

And some odds and ends that I'll probably pass on to the kids...

 I will keep Peter Tuckers work in mind.  Maybe commission a brilliant art deco piece!


  1. Wonderful,beautiful things you bought.I love the mirror,the jewellery and the champagne and glasses on the tray...

  2. Heather! I was there too!! I went Saturday and then I just couldn't get the show off of my mind so I went back again Sunday....LOL....I am sure I have spent too much but it is so much fun to go to. I am sure Chicago and Paris are much better because of all of the wonderful European artist's that sell there but, there were some incredible things to see and so much inspiration to be had! I will blog about some of my purchases once I transfer my photos to the computer!!

  3. Preciosas compras.
    Estoy segura que ademas te lo has pasado muy bien.
    besitos ascension

  4. Beautiful finds! I love the hangers and champagne. I recently moved from San Jose and miss it soooo.... What a great city!

  5. Unas compras excelentes. Ya veremos donde colocas todo.
    Besos Clara

  6. Going to a miniature show is always exciting and inspires you a lot. You bought beautiful things.

  7. Those are neat little treasures! Love the little jewelry box.
    I'm sorry your bricks aren't as neat as you'd like them. Did you use a blade like an exacto knife to "carve" them? I also wet down the concrete to keep it smooth. I also use a cake knife(you know to do icing on a cake). The handle is bent so I can smooth it in one motion. I'm about to do bricks on this dollhouse. But I like mine very rustic and looking like handmade bricks, so it makes no difference how smooth they are.
    I'll check back soon!

  8. Really beautiful purchases :)
    It is so excinting to visit miniature fairs!!
    By the way, I am doing two giveaways in my two blogs (miniatures and jewllery) just in case you would like to participate :)

  9. Lovely purchases Heather!!I have visited your blogs and all of them are great!
    Warm regards,

  10. Hi Heater!
    This weekend will be my first miniature show too.
    I love the mirror and the champagne and glasses, they are beautiful.
    I had a good time in your blog seeing your work, I can't wait to see more of the 1930's house.

  11. The mirror and jewellery are beautiful, I love this era, I look forward to following your blog!