Thursday, October 7, 2010


Real life hasn't seemed to get in the way of shopping!  I visited Superbuzzy which is a great Japenese fabric and craft site.  I picked up some great mini print fabrics....

And while I was there, I checked out Re-Ment which I'd been hearing so much about.  I picked one from three series (It's a surprise with which items you receive!) I was pleased as punch with everything I got.  The scale might be a bit big, but I don't care, I love them.

From the Re-Ment Fairytale tableware collection...

 From the Re-Ment Kawaii Kitchen collection...

 From the Re-Ment Storage Beauty collection...
I need to be careful, these things could be addicting!


  1. What fantastic fabrics!! Love the cupcake and sailor ones.
    Those Re-Ment minis are very cute (I've bought them for Liberty in the past) and I think they will be very addictive!

  2. Sí, sí ESTO està Muy adictivo. Las Telas Muy bonitas y alegres. Me encantan.
    Besos Clara

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  4. Las telas me encantan.
    Pues tienes razon, esto es muy adictivo jejeje
    besitos ascension

  5. Heather !!!!!!!!!!! as soon as I saw your fabric, with drawings of elephants, I am reminded of a blog, which I saw yesterday ...
    look here, then what you do in miniature, with that fabric!

    Is not she lovely??
    think of it in 1:12 scale ....
    Enjoy! Caterina

  6. The fabrics are very nice, such original designs and very pretty! Any ideas of how you will use them? I love it when I find fabric with tiny prints.

  7. Caterina, Thanks for the link. Has my mind thinking! Don't know exactly what I'll do with the fabrics yet. For some future project!

  8. Heather!! What have you done to me!! LOL....I have just gone shopping at Superbuzzy! What a great site! I love it....Thank you for the link! How tiny is the print on that fabric?? Dollhouse use-able? My daughter turned me on to Re-Ment about three years ago and it is addicting. I used to buy it at a Japanese bookstore that I frequent but they have cut back on their supply lately which is too bad. or maybe a blessing? Some of the items are perfect for 1:12 scale.

  9. Beautiful fabrics. I love the coffee machine. What a wonderful shop!

  10. I had not heard the name re-ment. I thought it was kawaii. Now you've given me new stuff to look for!
    I think the next dollhouse will be Christmas Carol inspired.


  11. Anch'io ho una collezione di oggetti RE-Ment, peccato che siqano in scala 1:6, comunque li adoro...