Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giveaway, giveaway and more giveways...

The miniature world of blogs is ripe these days with lovelies and giveaway goodies galore. 

Drawing 9/7, Miniature Dreams was one of the first miniature blogs I stumbled upon.  Susanne's style and taste is right up my miniature alley.  She is celebrating 300+ followers.

Drawing 9/14, Miniatyrmama  is a blog that I stumbled on early and then lost track of it.  I'm so happy I found it again. Lena is celebrating 400+ followers!

Drawing 9/19,  Le Coffre D'Emilie is a new to me blog but I'm so happy to have come across it.  Emilie is celebrating one year anniversary of blogging.  Her creations are whimsical and lovely.

And a special thanks to all my followers!   I promise to have a new post soon.  I've been doing lots of research on the 1930's including watching a lot of old movies. This one I've seen a few times but it never gets old...


  1. I love watching old movies and period shows for research. :D It aggravates my family if I want it paused to look at an architectural detail right when things are happening though!