Sunday, May 30, 2010

A tenant for The Daydream Cottage

After a few failed attempts at making my own doll from polymer clay (a post for another day), I broke down and bought a Sandy Calderon doll kit from With the kit, I could at least try my hand at wigging and dressing the doll.  And so Emerson Rose Bloom was created.

 Emerson was recently laid off from her big city job and has come to the country for a little rest and to "find" herself.  She obviously needs to find a new hairdresser too.  She can't do a thing with her hair.

The cottage seems roomy and pleasant enough...

It's very peaceful.  But will she be lonely...
Ahhh, a friend...
Emerson thinks she'll be very happy here...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Daydream Cottage

For my "starter" home,  I chose The Arthur Dollhouse Kit from Greenleaf Dollhouses.  I found it for a great deal on and you can't beat the shipping costs.   It was both fun and frustrating to put together.  Even after researching all the do's and don'ts there was lots of sanding, some mallet banging and a bit of swearing involved when putting it together.  But still halfway through building it, I was already thinking of the next house to build.

The house has been christened "Daydream Cottage".  A single woman will live here.  It will be very girly.  (Maybe it's the house I dream of living in if I wasn't living with a husband and two active boys.)

The stones in the foundation have been made using egg cartons.  A trick I picked up from many of different sites I've come across.

Two of the rooms have 1/12 scale wallpaper printed out from Jennifer's Printables.  Two are from the local dollhouse store.

Though I love to shop at the dollhouse store, I'm going to try and make a lot of things for the Daydream Cottage.  This is not only to keep the costs down but to challenge my creatively.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost in a miniature world..


Welcome to my miniature blog!
 I've always loved dollhouses and all things miniature.  A few months ago, I decided to take the plunge into a miniature world.  I ordered the most inexpensive and easiest kit that I could find, Greenleaf's Arthur Dollhouse.  While waiting for it to arrive I researched kit building online.  Not only did I find endless helpful hints, I discovered a world of beautiful miniatures and talented artists.  I've been stalking (I mean reading) their blogs ever since! 

What I really love about miniatures is how varied the miniature artist is.  It involves paper, woodwork, metalwork, needlework, painting, clay and on and on.

I've  decided to start this blog as a diary of my foray into miniatures!