Saturday, July 17, 2010


I wanted to thank my lovely followers. Having followers is a new experience for me so I'm still getting used to it.  I have 48 as I write this.  I've tried to visit all of your blogs.  There is so much wonderful inspiration out there!  I'll try and do a giveaway when I have a few more followers. Hmmm, dare I say 100?

THANKS again everyone and WELCOME!  I'm loving this miniature community!

(P.S.  What is it about cats and dollhouses?  This is Lola who squeezed her fluffy body through the front door of The Strawberry Patch.)


  1. Cats have a thing for dollhouses as we do!

    lol, Most miniaturists have cats, the facination goes both ways?

  2. What a beautiful face peeking out the door, I think they like to squeeze into small spaces!

  3. Que alegre imágen. Seguro que en muy poco tiempo tienes esos 100 seguidores y muchos más.

  4. Amo Los Gatos hijo .... Especiales Bellos y tan ...
    y Las miniaturas ..

  5. Wow, you've been a busy girl - I don't get a chance to check in for a few weeks and look at you!

    I've got to bring Sweetpea over to see what you've been up to.

  6. I know mine loves the smell of paint and glue. I believe he needs rehab! :) This pic is so great you can use it for your header, Heather :).

  7. I thought that was a magazine cover or a post card when I arrived on your blog! Great shot!!!

  8. I loved the picture!
    Your blog is very nice, I enjoyed reading about Emerson and Daydream Cottage! Everything is turning out so nice.
    Thank you for following me. :)