Thursday, July 8, 2010

A little girl doll...

My son wanted a little girl doll for the Ponderosa. Still a little heavyhanded with the paint. But I like how she turned out.  She is sitting with a basket I made using this tutorial at Bricolages & Compagnie.

I'm taking the kids to see their grandma for a few days.  I am trying to think of what mini-making items I can bring along.  I might try my hand at some needepoint using these books.  I should be able to bring everything I need if I keep it simple!


  1. Wow, Heather, did you make that doll?? Good job!
    Thank you for following my blog , Heather. I hope we can exchange ideas and feedback on each other's blogs.

    I was looking at the book on Miniature Iron On. It is being sold at a good price at Amazon. Will you recommend it, Heather? Thanks! :)

  2. I have both those books and have done some great rugs, I also like two books by Meik and Ian Mcnaughton, Making miniature oriental rugs and carpets. one with a yellow cover and the other green.

  3. Heather, the doll is lovely!!! I also like stitching and those books look so interesting!!!
    Thanks for following my blog! I will also visit yours.. I like it!

  4. wonderful job on the doll- she's very cute!

  5. Cute doll, good luck with the needlepoint!

  6. La muñeca es preciosa!!!
    Espero ver tus trabajos con la aguja, yo soy malisima jejeje
    besitos ascension

  7. Hi heather! Glad you like the shabby chic house. I'm new to dollhouses too! I only started 4 month ago. I'm into architectural models. But so many of my clients wanted dollhouses that I took the plunge. The shabby chic is #5. You're doing everything though! I'm strictly a builder! Your dolls look fabulous and so do your furniture and houses! Hope we can give each other tips!