Sunday, July 25, 2010

A couple of dolls and what's next...

When I made my son his little girl doll, I played around with a couple of other dolls. My first attempt at a baby...

a friend for Emerson...

And the beginnings of an older gentleman...

All of these were made by using a Sculpey push mold to start.  With a little more practice I should be able to attempt some from scratch!

I'm itching to move on to my next dollhouse project. 

When I started the daydream cottage I bought a Greenleaf Laurel/Primrose kit to make a contemporary family home.  Since then I acquired the Strawberry Patch which I envision turning into a townhouse inhabited by a glamorous actress or artist!  Then yesterday (don't tell my husband) I acquired 3 new kits. Greenleaf's Harrison and two old kits from S/W Crafts called the Victorian Stucco Cottage and The Lakeside Manor.  They were a great deal on Craigslist ($75 for all three!)

So now my plans have changed.  I think the Lakeside Manor will be a contemporary family home. I'll do a simple build on the Laurel and donate it to the family auction at my kid's school.  The Victorian will become a "Practical Magic" type witches house and the Harrison will become the home of Miss Marple type who has traveled the world.

But where to start and where will I put all these houses!!  The possibilities are endless.

I'm off for a week in the mountains.  I'll have plenty of time to think about it!


  1. Que pases un feliz semana de vacaciones.
    Espero tu vuelta para ver tus nuevos proyectos, que se ven muy interesantes.
    besitos ascension

  2. I really like the dolls you made- the friend for Emerson is really nice and I love your gentleman's face! I can totally relate to wanting to work on the new houses- they call to you, don't they? Have a wonderful week in the mountains!!!

  3. All these projects will keep you very busy! The dolls are wonderful! Hope you post lots of pictures of your houses!!


  4. That is a deal! :)

    I'm too afraid to attempt doll making, good for you! They look great. :)

    Make sure you have lots of pen and paper for your ideas while away.

    Have fun! Think mini! :)