Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Making dolls

When it comes to making miniatures, I love the idea of creating characters that live in the world.  I decided to try and make my own because then I could create endless characters.  Well it turned out to be a lot harder than it looked!

I followed several different online tutorials. Picked up some polymer clay. This is the first doll I created...
She's not bad.  Well not to bad.  A little like a man in drag.  But she is way out of scale and I had no idea what to make her hair out of.  (This is felting wool).  I don't really have a steady enough had for delicate features (less coffee maybe?)  Anyway I christened her Gertrude.

The second attempt resulted in this...

She's a little smaller in scale but still a bit heavyhanded in the makeup department.  This time I used some doll hair from the craft section of Michaels.

I finally gave up and bought Emerson from Minikitz.com.  When she arrived I was shocked at how out of scale my dolls were. She is so much more delicate.  But I will not be deterred.  I will continue to try my hand at doll making.  But they may be regulated to supporting characters!

(this was also my first attempt at furniture making using the tutorial from Jennifer's Printables. I used elmers glue and wasn't to precise so I gave it to my boys to use with their house!)

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  1. Hi Heather and thanks for following my blog! I am impressed with anyone who can make dolls! You have done a great job! They have such character and personality! :)
    Hope you will continue to make more of them!