Sunday, May 30, 2010

A tenant for The Daydream Cottage

After a few failed attempts at making my own doll from polymer clay (a post for another day), I broke down and bought a Sandy Calderon doll kit from With the kit, I could at least try my hand at wigging and dressing the doll.  And so Emerson Rose Bloom was created.

 Emerson was recently laid off from her big city job and has come to the country for a little rest and to "find" herself.  She obviously needs to find a new hairdresser too.  She can't do a thing with her hair.

The cottage seems roomy and pleasant enough...

It's very peaceful.  But will she be lonely...
Ahhh, a friend...
Emerson thinks she'll be very happy here...


  1. Very sweet! I'll look forward to continuing developments in her story. I hope she doesn't become a crazy cat lady. ;)

  2. Nice to meet you and thank you for following my blog! I like your Arthur! Love the colors! Welcome to the world of mini's!