Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Minis with Kids

When I first started working on the daydream cottage my 7-year-old twin boys wanted to know where their dollhouse was. (Clarification: the above photo is from the daydream cottage. It's been invaded!)
I came across a RGT Ponderosa on Craiglist for the amazing price of $25. The perfect little boys dollhouse...

Its was old but only missing a few shingles and a perfectly white clean slate inside.  It didn't take them long to start filling it up with my stash of furniture...

My son painted these dolls I made using sculpey push molds.  I dressed them and wigged the woman but he wigged the man himself...

He really wanted a baby!

Today we're going to pickout some scrapbook paper for the walls.  I must remember that this is their dollhouse and not mine...


  1. ah- this is so great that they are interested in minis and the hobby is getting passed along- I love it!! Tell him I think he did a great job on wigging the doll and I really love his decorating so far!

  2. i love everything but the bathroom especially !!

  3. That's so cool that the boys have their own house. I love Darth Vader in the bathroom!