Sunday, September 9, 2012

Greenleaf Spring Fling - Snow's Getaway

After finishing the Glam Townhouse, I decided I wanted to do a small project.  Coincidentally, Greenleaf Dollhouses was starting their Annual Spring Fling Contest at the same time.  Every year, Greenleaf produces a new base kit for participants to use.  I've been so inspired by the past entrants.  This is the first year that I participated.  We had until September 3rd to finish.  Of course, I left all the details to the last minute and then decided to go away the weekend it was due!  I was up late Thursday night finishing the details and took the photos first thing on Friday morning.  I think my family was waiting in the car as I sent them off to Greenleaf.

Here it is: Snow's Getaway...

I've been wanting to do a modern version of a fairy tale setting since seeing the wonderful paintings of Snow White's house by Janet Hill.   Then the Television series "Once Upon a Time" debuted here in the U.S.  I loved Snow White's/Mary Margaret's modern apartment in the series.  This project is inspired by both the series and Janet Hill's paintings...

The apartment is an old Apple Farm office Building...

I've been wanting to brick something and this seemed like a small enough project to try it.  I used Brae's Tutorial on

Old apple crates are the planters.  I used vintage apple crate  labels that had something to do with Snow White (Crow, Queen, Snomaid).  These were my first try at flower kits.  The Pansies and Hydrangea's are Bonnie Lavish kits.  The tulips were a unknown kit that I got in a grab bag at a miniature show.  The other flowers are Dollar store finds.

I bought the kitchen set from  I decided the fridge was to big for the scene so I made a Smeg fridge from a Michaels wooden box.

The bedding is taken from a vintage tea towel made by my grandmother.

It was fun to fill the bookshelf with Snowish accessaries.   Forest animals, apples, etc.  The HOME houses are from Katie's Clay Corner.

The shelving unit is the top of a Michael's hutch. The mugs are made with paper.  There are clay strawberries in the basket.

Preparing to make apple pie.  The apple basket is from this tutorial

Time to get back to the practical magic house....


  1. What a great job. I love every single detail =0)

  2. Hi Heather,

    You obviously poured a lot of time, love and devotion in this project --and it shows. Great job with the bricks and I especially like the white-wash effect indoors. Beautiful, well-thought out details...I would not be surprised if you 'placed' in the contest --good luck!


  3. I love it! What really jumped out at me was the fridge! That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing

  4. Que bella es tu casa, adoro la colcha y la cama dentro de la parte con cristales.
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  5. What a wonderful little place you've created, Heather! I could move in right now and be perfectly happy! I will use your room for inspiration as I complete my Greenleaf Primrose house. Plus, I can't wait to see your practical magic house too! xo Jennifer

  6. Que casa mas bonita has hecho! Me gusta en especial la cama,muy delicada ...Felicidades por un gran trabajo. Un beso

  7. What a fantastic beautiful house. I especially love your glass window part. Here I could sit and read for hours. It is as wonderful house with so many fine details, beautiful linens.

    Thanks for the reference to the website. It's really cheap stuff compared to Danish prices. Once, I want to try to make such a house. Looking forward to your next project.
    Wyrna from A Fairytale come true.

  8. It'is divine! Small and cozy.
    Kiss Faby

  9. A most beautiful getaway. I love it. You've done a marvelous job.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. Oh, Hather! A casa ficou linda! Você teve uma ótima inspiração. O projeto foi maravilhosamente executado. Parabéns! ;)

  11. Lol! I commented on your pictures on the Greenleaf forum and I didn't even know it was you. No wonder I love that style! I was just saying to my sister, now this is gorgeousness!
    You made it beautiful. I'm so loving the bike! I'm sure I'll be seeing your name in the winners circle!

  12. Wow. I would never have known that the Smeg wasn't bought, it looks so much like the real thing.

  13. I would love a great little getaway just like this to renew every so often. Think I can shrink myself to fit?

  14. Wonderful work! You did a great job.

  15. Heather! This house is stunning! I think it's the brick work that draws me in... And I love how you 'painted' it on the inside! Very realistic! Good idea with the apple print on the outside of the building, too! ....and Thank-you for finding my HOME houses a perfect Home!!! Good Luck with this stunning little Getaway!

  16. Nice work Heather! Love the brick work and all of the lovely little details you added. The sign on the building and the apple crates are great! Good luck with the contest! :D

  17. Ciao!!! Questa casa di bambola e' bellissima!!! Hai fatto un grande lavoro!!! Mi piace tanto la cucina!!! Bravissima!!!
    Un bacio dall' Italia

  18. Que maravilla, he disfrutado un monton recreandome en cada detalle de tu preciosa casita, enhorabuena es genial!!
    besitos ascension

  19. Me gusta muchísimo, cada detalle.Preciosa

  20. What a wonderful project! I love every detail!

    1. I love how you changed the the original aspect of the wood building. Great idea your old bricks in white and red, and how you designed the interior, with all those details. Congratulations.

  21. You did a great work!So many details and ideas! I did participate this contest a few years ago and its so fun!


  22. I saw this one on the gallery of contestants on the Greenleaf forum and it was definitely one of my faves. Also, I caught up on the whole "Once" series during Thanksgiving break and I absolutely LOVE that show now.

  23. Tan bonita como sencilla y plácida
    Me encanta

  24. Oh what a pretty house =) love all the details =)

  25. This is amazing! I love every single detail. I wish I could live in such a darling apartment.

  26. Que maravilla de trabajo!! te ha quedado muy bien, Hoy he descubierto tu blog y te felicito porque tienes cosas preciosas. Ya tienes una seguidora nueva. Un abrazo, Arantza

  27. me encanta tu casa es muy bonita felicidades

  28. Hello Heather,
    I just followed your blog. What an amazing blog you have! you make wonderful minis. I love snow white and the series too.
    thank you for sharing!


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  30. hi you! What a great house! You are amazingly talented and creative. And I see you've been breaking out your big girl camera and taking some beautiful shots, too. :)

  31. This is great! Just found your blog =) I really like that window on the door =) And all the lovely details!!

  32. Hello Heather,
    I am the new Editor for American Miniaturist Magazine and was wondering if you have ever featured your beautiful Apple/Cottage in AM or in Dollhouse Miniature Magazine. I would love to share your work with our readers if you would be interested. I love that you made it an apartment in an old apple farm office! It's a great way to reach many people who have a passion for miniatures. You can email me at if you are interested.
    Thanks and have a lovely day,