Sunday, January 8, 2012

Practical Magic House in Miniature

One of my favorite films (and books) of all time is Practical Magic from Alice Hoffman's book of the same name.  It came out in 1998 and starred Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  It was the first DVD I owned (before I even had a DVD player) and I've re-watched too many times to count. -

I love many things about the movie, the themes of sisterhood, family, friendships, love, Aidan Quinn the setting, the costumes, the magic but most of all I love the house.

Back of the house. Photo: Amas Veritas

When I bought the Victorian Stucco Cottage off of Craiglist a year ago, my first thoughts were of the that magical house.

As I'm finishing up the Glam Townhouse, my thoughts once again returned to the Practical Magic House.  Of course I can't wait, so I've done some research.  I watched the film again! The wonderful blog Hooked on Houses has a great breakdown and photos of the house.  She has even posted a real life kitchen that was designed based on the movie kitchen.   There is also a lovely site dedicated to the movie, Amas Veritas, which has more great photos and even elevations of the house that was built for the movie.  From these sites I learned of a spread in October 1998's Victoria Magazine and was able to find a copy on Ebay for have as my very own!

My house won't be an exact replica of the house in the film.  More of an "inspired by" house.  I love, love, love the kitchen...
Photo: Amas Veritas
 Especially, the Aga Stove...
Photo: Amas Veritas
 I also love the Conservatory off the kitchen, where the Aunts grow their herbs...
Photo: Amas Veritas

Photo: Amas Veritas

I have this  Houseworks gazebo on hand which I'm hoping to turn into the conservatory...

This weekend I pulled out the kit and started work on the foundation.  The kit included some magic stone which was easy to apply and seems to have worked despite being 30 years old.

The kit is from S/W Crafts in the early eighties.  They are no longer around and it is hard to find information from on the web.  When I bought this kit, I also bought a S/W Crafts kit called the Lakeside Manor.  From what little I can find on the web, they also used to make the house from the musical "Annie" and a version of the Fantasy Island TV Show house (if you were a child of the 70's in the US you'll know the show I'm talking about!

This is made of pine and MDF.  First kit I've put together that isn't a Greenleaf kit.  Much, much heavier and huge!  Who knows where I'll put it but it will be fun to make.


  1. It looks great Heather, there is a real similarity between the model and the "real" house. I can't wait to see how you get on.
    Best wishes

  2. I am so excited for you! I too love the movie and the to die for house. I can't wait to see your adaptation of the movie house. The conservatory is awesome, this is going to be so much fun.


  3. can't wait to see this one, Miss Heather! x

  4. Sounds so interesting! I´m sure the house is going to look great, can´t wait to see some photos of the house. :)

  5. I also love Alice Hoffman and I read her books.
    But I do not know the film about.
    I look forward what you will do on this house.

  6. It looks a very interesting project and you've managed to find a lot of good references.

  7. I love the film too! It's a beautiful house, i'm sure its gonna look great! You have so much to do! :)
    I'll follow you to see the advances :)

  8. It's a fantastic project.
    Bye Faby

  9. I cant wait to see your progress on this beautiful house.
    Hugs Maria

  10. This will be exciting to watch! I am kind of doing the same thing with my Addams Mansion... it isn't exact but more based off of the movies and tv show. It makes it more fun I think because you can do your own interpretation!! -ara

  11. Oh Heather, I think this lovely film! What a great source of inspiration you sought, will surely look great! I liked the look of stone in the foundation.

  12. I love that house. I have been saving pictures of it since I received my Victoria Magazine all the way back in 98. Then I watched the movie. That kitchen is so gorgeous. The magazine also has a sketch of a shed. his shed I've used as inspiration for a dollhouse in the past. But the house is way too big for me. I can't wait to see you make it. I'll live through you on that one! LOL! This is going to look amazing!

  13. This looks like a fun project! Must follow.. I like the movie too, it's been too long since I saw it..

  14. Dear Heather,
    A great project. Interesting that once we are close to finishing one project our thoughts began to wander ahead. The "Practical Magic" house has stuck in many of our minds. It was a facade I believe so everything is a set which makes it a good inspiration for a miniature house.
    The magic rocks make a very good footing - also paving I am sure. Shame that it is no longer available.
    All the best. I'll follow with interest.
    Regards Janine

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