Friday, November 4, 2011

Gothic Halloween House

Happy Belated Halloween!

I wasn't able to finish My Gothic Halloween House.  But I did finish it enough to set it out next to my huge cardboard house with fake flickering votives in each room to add an eery glow. 

I had a lot of fun working on this house!

I really liked the scrapbook paper that I used for the interior...  

 I covered the back with wood pieces to contain the candle glow.  The reverse side is papered.

 This is my favorite paper...

 Oh and I like this one too!

 In the kitchen I used the black and white tile floor that came with my Queen Anne Row House.

 Painted the Roses Black.  I liked the little bits of color showing through.
I primed the trim with Orange and the body with purple then covered in Crackle Paint before the final grey/black coats.  Didn't crackle as much as I liked.  I decided to keep the orange primer showing on the edges.

Printed out some orange tinted windows on transparencies.  Wasn't able to complete all the windows.

I will put this house away and finish it next Halloween.

I managed to get my self a part-time job while the kids are in school.  So unfortunately less time for mini-making!


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  2. Cool Halloween house! I think it is fun to have a seasonal project to work on :)


  3. The interior decorating is wonderful.

  4. I totally missed this post! The house looks incredible! The wallpaper is perfect.