Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Sam Show - San Jose

Some things I picked up at the Good Sam Show last weekend in San Jose. 

Pumkins made out of some kind of dried berry...

From a second hand dealer.  It was fun to peruse her stand...

 From the same dealer for the 1930's Glam Townhouse...
I broke the vase right after taking this picture!

A light from Ray Storey.  I bought this right when I entered the show.  I thought it would look great in the the Queen Anne Row House...

 My other big purchase.  A table from Peter Tucker for the 1930 glam townhouse.  I've been wanting to buy something from him since the show last year...

Bottles also from Ray Storey.  Except the one on the far right. I can't remember who I bought this from but she had lovely glasswork and flowers.

The show was so inspiring.  From all the wonderful artists selling their wares to the artists who displayed some great work.  Its fun to be a miniaturist!


  1. Wonderful purchases! Thanks for showing. What a pity about the vase but maybe you can fix that. I glued broken ceramic miniatures lots of times and I am the only one who knows they were ever broken.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Mostly I like the light, it is wonderful !!!

  3. All is fantastic! I like the bottles.
    Bye Faby

  4. Great finds, Love the light!


  5. All of your new minis are very nice. My favorites are the glass, bottles and light. I just love glass real or mini. I hope that you can repair you vase.

  6. I love the Ray Storey light, his lights are amazing!!

  7. So true! It IS fun to be a miniaturist! I had the best time at a recent show too. I was flying as high as a kite from the sheer joy of it! :-)