Saturday, November 9, 2013

Greenleaf Spring Fling 2014- Rosie's Craft Cottage

I recently finished up my entry for the Greenleaf Spring Fling 2013.  I love this contest because Greenleaf comes up with great small build kits and it gives me a deadline to finish!  I'm not in it to win it.  I just do something that I love.  

Introducing Rosie's Craft Cottage:

I've always wanted to do a pink house. When perusing the Summer 2013 issue of the Magazine "Where Women Create", I came across Artist Nancy Hamming Anderson's beautiful Studio and used is as inspiration.

Most everything in the studio I had on hand or made. I got to try a few new things like making a wicker chair and a crochet blanket.

Picture above door by Caroline at Cinderella Moments

Desk, easy chair, work table and lamps made by me.

Family photos on desk and pin board

Fun to make books and ribbon rack.  Containers made from kids toy containers.

Sewing machine table was in the stash.  Made the dress form from sculpy and bits of wood.

Michael's Hutch.  Tubes of paint from True 2 Scale tutorial. I made the craft paint bottles
and the wooden box.

Ran out of time to adding to finish painting!

Through the door.

Made the wicker chair.  Pizza "thingy" table.


  1. What a perfectly delightful little crafting space you created, Heather! I want to come over and "play" there! LOL! I Love your dress form... I had to laugh because I am making a similar one... even have a wooden base that looks the same! I plan to display the wedding gown I made for my doll wedding..... which I Finally took off the doll! All your little touches are so true... just the things we all want near to hand in our creative space! I Love the little chairs you made... and you even made the wicker one look "shabby" too! Congratulations on completing the project on time!

  2. You really thought out the feel of the studio. There is plenty of light and the details every artist wants. Your wicker chair is so authentic! I just love the little ribbon! Lots of great inspiring ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So lovely! That's a craft space I would love to spend time in, if it were in RL size!!!

  4. Una preciosidad, maravilloso trabajo.
    Un abrazo.

  5. Your entry came out marvelously, Heather, but I am a little obsessed with the cupola and how much light it brings into the space! The room itself is very pretty and the way you photographed it makes it look astonishingly real. Kudos to you for making so much of the furnishings. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for the competition.

  6. I really like the structure and the exterior; very romantic and delicate colors.
    Greetings, Faby

  7. Nice! I really like the black and white dress form prints

  8. I love what you did with all the tiny accessories and details. The craft paint containers and the bolts of fabric and ribbon really make the space look real. Great job and great photos

  9. I love your craft cottage! And beautiful wicker chair you made!


  10. I love the inside as much as the outside. You did a wonderful job. It's a real delight.

  11. C'est un ravissant petit nid douillet , une pièce calme et sereine!

  12. The house is absolutely beautiful. It gives an impression or a very airy, delicate space and the forth picture where the sun comes in through the window it's stunning. It seems like a picture of a real environment. All the items you created are really well made and very detailed. I'm impressed!

  13. This is beautiful, very impressive!! I want to start a dollhouse for my daughter, she's only one and won't be playing with it for a while, but it might take me a while to finish it! What would you suggest would be a good kit or manufacturer to start with? I am an Interior Design and quite handy, as well as crafty and artsy, so I think I can handle a slightly challenging one....thanks!! :)

  14. I am a beginner, what do you recommend as a good kit to start with?